Powersheets Goal Planner 2017 Review

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Powersheets 2017 Goal Planner ReviewI’m one month into using my first ever Lara Casey’s Powersheets Goal Planner and one month late in writing my review.  Oh well, we win some and we lose some, am I right?

I need to fully disclose that I own Make It Happen, Lara’s book, and I’m stuck on chapter 4.  Not because this book is bad or anything, as it’s easily one of my favorite personal development books ever.  I’m stuck on chapter 4 because I just need to park there and think. The chapter is all about fear.  Fear is something that holds me back, and this book has caused me to pause and really consider WHY fear affects me so.  This book is a must read.  I cannot recommend it enough (even though I’m only halfway through) and I’ve even given it away a few times for my oily downline because it is so good.  You can grab it here!


Why Powersheets?

Powersheets is for any person who wants to dream big and accomplish goals. It’s a goal planner.  This does not mean that it is a planner per se.  It has nothing to do with days of the weeks and an hour by hour breakdown.  Instead, what I like about Powersheets is the big picture view it takes.  It’s purpose is to help us set intentional goals and make progress.  In fact, one of the recurring motto’s of the Cultivate What Matters shop is “progress, not perfection.”

I have huge goals that I want to accomplish in 2017.  Some of my goals include:

  • I want to hit Gold and Platinum with Young Living this year
  • For this blog to really take off
  • Pay off at least two student loans between Andrew and I
  • Pray more
  • Date my spouse and focus on our marriage!
  • Become a Partner at my church
  • and a few others that are private

These are big, hairy, audacious goals.  On my oily team, a really great friend of mine has this incredible talent of speaking her goals out loud and making them happen.  These Powersheets allow me to do just that.  They allow me to brain dump all my goals, and then achieve them little by little, and day by day.

The Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner

When you first open up your Powersheets it’s filled with beautiful quotes and images that are so encouraging.  Fittingly, it starts with “A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” This is a quote from Karen Lamb.  I don’t know about you, but I would love to work towards my goals and make progress with zero regrets that I didn’t do enough.  A year from now, I want to move forward and not backpedal from not accomplishing intentional goals!

Overview of Powersheets

The very first part of the Powersheets goal planner involve an idea page, where you brain dump all of your goals, dreams, wishes, and hopes.  I LOVE this feature.  I have a million ideas and sometimes just getting them on paper is the hardest step.  This page was one of the most helpful pages in this planner.  Powersheets starts with a “get to know you” page, which I will love looking back at over the years.  Then, much like Make It Happen, it had me dive right into what I was afraid of and what is holding me back in 2017.

Next, I was asked to reflect on the big picture and what my “why” is.  The beginning section took me quite a while because it was quite reflective.   It is such an important section to fill out! I actually cried a bit, because it asks you to list out the good things (and bad) that happened in 2016.  Just to give you a sample of how good and loving our Father is:

  • I got married to my husband
  • We purchased a home
  • Completed and graduated law school
  • I sat, and passed the bar examination, with a job to boot
  • I started a new job that fits my career goals
  • We “accidentally” got a puppy
  • We got to watch our sweet nephew grow and explore the world

Seeing these good things written down on paper really let the good in my life sink in.  I flip back to this page whenever I need a wake-up call or reminder.

Lara Casey's PowersheetsGoal Setting

Based off the first section of Powersheets, I was then asked to launch into the goal portion of the planner.  This section starts with an open page to brainstorm on.  There are reflection questions at the bottom that really lets you sit and resonate with your goals.  From that page, I then set 10 intentional goals for 2017.

The coolest part?  Action steps!

I then took each goal and gave it a page in the Action Steps portion.  Here, you write down your goal, your why for that goal, and then break down steps to get you to achieving your goal.  It’s so powerful! Even looking at them right now, has me all sorts of fired up!


Monthly Section

The Powersheets Goal Planner is then broken into three month increments and then a new season starts.  Each month I will be asked to let go and clear the clutter.  The worksheet that is included asks you to assess your feelings and jot down what you are afraid of.

Then there is another page to simplify and really prioritize your month.  On this page I wrote down all the goals that are the most important to me and ranked them.  Then, I brainstormed a few other words that could best define and shape this month.  My overall word is Renew, but I also have Grace and Be Still as framing words.

The best part of Powersheets is by far the Trending List.  Each month I get to fill this out.  It breaks down daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals and then gives you check boxes to track your progress.


My 2017 Goals

Finally, let me share some of the goals I am cultivating this year.  I will not share all of them, as some of them are extremely private to me and I want to internalize them!

Powersheets Goal Planner

My goals include:

  • Cultivating prayer and a strong relationship with God
  • Being intentional with my marriage
  • Gold and Platinum Ranks with Young Living
  • Treating my Body well
  • Pay off debt (at least 2 student loans!)
  • Grow my blog audience and make an income
  • Keep our home and life organized
  • Maintain and foster community

A lot of these go hand in hand with each other and I am so excited to cultivate what matters in 2017.  Powersheets will help me break all of them into little pieces and to shape them and grow them accordingly.

Overall, I could not recommend Powersheets enough.  I think that too often, we just float around with no purpose or sense of direction.  Powersheets require you to intentionally think about what you want to achieve.  They require you to be proactive and to dream big.  I named and claimed some pretty huge, audacious goals this year, and I could not be more thrilled to make it happen!

This goal planner is for anyone: a single lady, a married lady with or without kids, an entrepreneur, a corporate working-woman, a stay at home mom. It meets you right where you are and encourages each of us to make goals that fit for our lives.  If you are looking for something to hold you accountable all year long, this is a great resource.

How to Get One

I will say that if you are looking to get one ASAP, you may be out of luck.  The Cultivate What Matters shop is a small shop of women who only order a set amount.  They are out when they are out.  I know this year the Powersheets were exceedingly popular, so they did another print.  There may be some available still, and there should be six month ones still available, but if not,  I’m sorry.  The product is amazing and I fully support small businesses who only order based on growth they can sustain.  Task out your calendar in November and start following Lara’s blog then for updates!





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