I Completed the Whole30 Again! A Review of Whole30 Round 5


As of February 2, I completed the Whole30 again.  The feeling of completing a Whole30 is nothing short of euphoric. One would think after five rounds it would be less than exciting, however, each time I am amazed at what my body is capable of!  Initially, it seems so hard, but as the thirty days progress, it gets easier and easier.  I really enjoy eating this way.  It’s pretty crazy how fast time flies when you refuse to let food boredom happen!

What is the Whole30?

It all starts with food.  Literally, you can read the book HERE.  The program contains a series of rules centered around eating real food.  For thirty days, the program requires that no added sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, or dairy be consumed.  BUT WAIT WHAT DO I EVEN EAT? Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, and Spices my friend! The Whole30 requires time and home cooked meals, but the benefits are totally worth it. You can check out the program rules over on the Whole30 blog.  Whole30 has become a movement and there are so many blogs filled with recipes, as well as various cookbooks that you will never run out of inspiration.  Simply search “whole30 recipes” and all the blogs will pop up.  This round of Whole30 was my fifth round.  I’m a huge advocate and believe in this meal plan and I recommend it to everyone.  I simply cannot stop talking about it!

Why Did I Do a Whole30?

I did the Whole30 to properly address my health, and this round I took it very seriously. Twice in 2016 I woke up to rashes in my armpits and on my neck.  The first go around I had just come home from Nashville, where I of course ate my way through the city.  I woke up one morning (after taking Benadryl) to a face that was swollen, and an eye that wouldn’t open, as well as bumps all over my body, and two huge rashes in my arms.  I had initially thought these rashes were the result of runners chafe, but turns out they were in fact an allergic reaction.  Then in December, right before Christmas I had another outbreak on my neck.  My doctor told me that if it happened a third time, I would need to see an allergist, but she suspected it was a result of food and advised that I do another Whole30 paying close attention to the reintroduction stage.

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I did my fifth round to confirm what I already knew: Dairy and I just do not get along.  It’s pretty terrible, because girl loves some queso!  During the reintroduction phase I really paid attention to my body after consuming dairy.  Wouldn’t you know?  Within an hour of having cheese pizza, my neck started flaring up.  It was quickly apparent that I will be removing dairy from my day to day life.

Why I Rocked This Round

I rocked this round of Whole30 because I always had a plan.  Right before the January Whole30 started, the Whole30 program released this new cookbook.  I meal planned every week and I only cooked from that cookbook!  The recipes in there are totally practical, delicious, and kept me excited about eating.

My husband was mostly on board.  That helps a ton! Anything that I made, he ate.  Every once in awhile he would bring home candy or something that I craved, but I could handle that.

I rocked this round because I genuinely wanted to succeed.  I wanted to get my body back to optimum health and I wanted to feel good.  When your health motivates you and you start to see results, I assure you, you will not want to quit!
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My Whole30 Results

I love doing the Whole30 in January as a reset from the holiday season and to kick off the new year right.  In previous rounds,  I was really happy with weight loss, but this round I had multiple non scale victories that I want to share!

  • I lost 7 pounds.  This is a scale victory, and one that I’m pretty apathetic about.  Weight loss was not my overall goal.  Nor is it an overall goal of Whole30.  Whole30 is truly about finding food freedom and avoiding the scale.  Food is thy medicine my friends!
  • My skin felt like it was glowing.  I know everyone says that when you are pregnant you get this effect, but skip the 9 months of pregnancy and do 30 days of Whole30.  Less responsibility and less expensive!
  • My digestive system was regular.  Sorry if you find that to be TMI.  I don’t care.  This was initially why I even started doing the Whole30, because my digestive system LOVES it.
  • A stronger marriage.  The Whole30 requires cooking, which in turn requires sit down meals at home, with your husband.  I love being able to have dinner with my husband.  Gathering around food is one of my favorite things, and I really appreciated the time spent around the dinner table with my husband.  We would sometimes read devotionals, or just simply enjoy each other’s company.
  • The ability to identify food triggers.  I have for sure pinned down my food allergy and exactly what triggers it.  This is so empowering.  I feel in control for the most part.
  • I like dark meat! Chicken thighs are my new jam.  They are so moist and tasty!
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What’s next

After Round 5, my focus is on eating to feel good.  We are continuing to eat paleo as much as possible.  I just feel too good to stop.  I’ve been really enjoying cooking through a few of my favorite cookbooks! Namely: Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook, WellFed 2, Fed + Fit, and the Frugal Paleo Cookbook!
That’s my Whole30 in review.  I would love to hear about your Whole30 successes, so please leave a comment on my blog! I would also love to hear what your favorite Paleo Cookbook is! I’m a sucker for cookbooks!

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